Andy Spence, joint Managing Director of Britannia Fire, gives his last word

Andy Spence, joint Managing Director of Britannia Fire discusses innovations in PFAS free fire extinguishers

Can you tell us about the latest product from Britannia Fire?

Recently, we launched the P50 Eco fire extinguisher range that is completely PFAS free.

The environment is harmed by PFAS chemicals.

P50 Eco fire extinguishers are multi-purpose, which eliminates the risk that someone will use the wrong extinguisher.

It is a simple solution that simplifies fire safety, addresses environmental concerns and provides an ideal solution in various environments.

What is the new product’s place in your portfolio?

The P50 Eco, an addition to the P50 composite range requires no annual maintenance costs. Only a visual check by the end-user is required.

The cost of service and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Heathrow Airport, for example, has saved more than a million pounds using our products.

Our commitment to customer value is reflected in the fact that we are replacing units in service since 10 years with new P50 Eco Foam models.

What are the current challenges and gaps in fire safety?

The industry expects a PFAS ban in the UK around March 2025.

By introducing PFAS free products, we are already ahead of the curve. This helps to address environmental concerns while ensuring compliance with future regulations.

Our customers will benefit from this proactive approach, as we provide them with more durable and safer fire safety solutions.

Britannia Fire is launching a groundbreaking scrappage program to phase out PFAS containing units. Britannia Fire offers those who are looking to replace existing extinguishers a cash incentive on our environmentally friendly P50 Eco model replacement.

What feedback have you received about the new product so far?

The response was fantastic. We have re-invested in our factory to meet the demand.

The demand for our composite fire extinguishers has outstripped the traditional metal range.

This shift is a reflection of the advancements in technology, which allows us to continually improve and innovate our products.

What do you think this product will be positioned as in the next five years?

Our P50 Eco range is at the top of its market.

We have a strong order book and our business is growing by 20% per year.

Our P50 range can be used in a variety of environments. We are exploring new markets and expanding our reach.

Our vision is for Fire Safety to be the leader in innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

Britannia Fire is a leader in the fire safety industry, thanks to its commitment to sustainability, empowerment of customers, and proactive adaption to changes within the industry.

Britannia’s innovative approach to fire safety ensures that it remains at the forefront in terms of technology and solutions for diverse environments.

This article originally appeared in the July 2024 edition of International Fire & Safety Journal. Click to read your FREE digital version.