Arnold Schwarzenegger Releases Special Fourth of July Instructions for a Healthier and Safer BBQ

The Fourth of June celebrations call for fireworks and an open barbecue for everyone to enjoy. If not done properly, grilling meats can lead to carcinogens. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken on the responsibility of issuing a guideline for safe cooking and celebration.

The combination of high heat and animal protein can lead to the formation of certain chemical compounds that can increase cancer risk. HCAs are formed when red meat is cooked on an open flame grill. They are carcinogenic and can cause food to be ruined.

First, ensure that you flip the meat quickly on low heat to reduce the chance of it getting charred. HCAs are formed when the meats have a charred outer layer. This is caused by the meats having been exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time. Food safety is ensured by reducing both factors.

Schwarzenegger also introduced the absurd-sounding notion of marinating meat in alcohol before grilling. He wrote about a wine-based marinade and how it could make meat more safe to eat.

“The researchers found that red wine marinade also changed the chemical structure of the beef and enhanced its taste.”

Skewering the meats is another good way to reduce the surface for charring. As mentioned, less heat or charring will lead to less HCAs. Schwarzenegger concluded his list by recommending that you choose more protein.

“Grilling fish or poultry produces fewer HCAs when compared to red meat.”

The frequency of grilling is an important factor when assessing the risk of exposure. Schwarzenegger said that people who rarely grill food or consume it are not at risk of harm. He did express concern about another practice which could lead to cardiovascular issues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger warned his village about microplastics

It is difficult to avoid microplastics in today’s world, when plastics are everywhere. It is shocking to learn how often microplastics end up in our bodies, from the soil to food and water.

Schwarzenegger was not happy about this and spoke on how to avoid it. He gave a solution by citing a study which showed that people with high levels of microplastics could be at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Avoiding plastic containers and cutting boards as well as bottles and microwaving plastic items could be good practices to adopt.

What we choose to do in our everyday life and what we consume has a great impact on our health, but also our environment. The society is being challenged by each new discovery about the impact of microplastics in the environment. They must find a way to solve this problem.