Assam’s Esah Tea launches microplastic-free teabags – EastMojo

Esah Tea is an Assam-based D2C tea brand that has launched the first cotton tea bags without microplastics in the world. These innovative tea bags, which are priced at only Rs 5 per bag, are chemical-free, 100% biodegradable and handmade. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment towards sustainability and customer safety. The launch of this product follows the alarming findings by McGill University researchers who found that conventional plastic bags released 11.9 billion harmful microplastics particles per cup.

Esah Tea’s innovative product is made even more significant by the health risks that come with microplastic consumption. When these tiny particles are ingested or inhaled through the skin they can pose serious health hazards, such as cellular damage, immune disruption, neurotoxicity and reproductive problems.

Bijit Sarma is the founder and CEO of Esah Tea. He said, “At Esah Tea we view ourselves as custodians a rich heritage of tea.” Our microplastic-free tea bags are not just a new product, but a shift in the way tea is produced and consumed. While addressing an important health and environmental concern, we’re elevating the experience of drinking tea. This launch is a testament to our belief that superior quality, responsible production and environmental stewardship are all compatible. Our R&D team’s tireless efforts, day and night, have resulted in our toxin free tea bags. Esah Tea invites conscious consumers to drink responsibly and sustainably.

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