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4 Jul 2024

Zenova Group Plc

(“Zenova”, or “the Company”)

Zenova FX is a PFOA/PFOS/PFAS-certified fluid

Zenova Group PLC, the innovative fire-suppression and interdiction solution company, is proud to announce that Zenova FX liquid and its components were recently independently tested by independent laboratories, and that the Zenova FX extinguisher range conforms to current and planned EU regulations concerning PFOA, PFOS, and PFAS.


EU 2017/1000 limits the production, use and emissions of PFOA C8. This legislation sets maximum levels.

PFOA 25, ppb (parts-per-billion)

* 1000 ppb PFOA

Foam Concentrates may be used to fight fires with the following time limitations:

* Until 31st Dec 2022, when containment will not be possible.

* Until the 3rd of July 2025, when containment may be possible.

Zenova FX Fluid PFOA and PFO compliance

The Zenova FX Fluid Test Results using the EP231X Standard Targeted Testing show that PFOA (PFOS) and PFOS is reported below the LOR (0.02mg/kg), equivalent to less 20ppb.

The Zenova FX range of extinguishers is fully compliant to PFOA/PFOS regulations, and can be used even after 3rd July 2020.

The Zenova FX Fluid Test Results using the EP231X Standard Targeted Testing show that PFOA is reported at less than the LOR of 0.02mg/kg (Limit for Reporting), which is equivalent to less 20ppb.

Regulation on PFAS

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), has made a proposal that calls for a maximum limit of 1ppm of PFAS (parts per millions) in fire extinguishing fluids. The proposal is currently under discussion, and it is expected that the final version will be approved and implemented in 2025.

Zenova FX fluid PFAS compliance

According to the Zenova FX Fluid Test Results using the EP231P Targeted Test Methods, the trace elements of the regulated PFAS (parts-per-billion) are at 0.007mg/kg.

The ECHA has proposed a maximum limit of 1ppm to restrict PFAS. This is far below the 7ppb of PFAS in Zenova FX fluid.

The Zenova FX range of extinguishers are fully compliant to the proposed ECHA laws and can be used even after these legislations are passed.

Thomas Melchior commented that “These independent lab tests confirm that Zenova FX Fluid in all of our range of extinguishers is not only the most effective but also the cleanest extinguishing agent and fully compliant to existing and planned future EU legislation.” ”

for further information, please contact:

Zenova Group PLC

Thomas Melchior, Chief Executive Officer Via Orana Corporate LLP:

Fiona Rodford, Chair Anthony Eastman

Tel: +44 20 3475 6834

SPARK Consulting Partners Limited (Nominated Advisor)

Matt Davis / Adam Dawes Tel: +44 20 3368 3550

Peterhouse Capital Limited

Charles Goodfellow/Rose Greensmith T: +44 207-469 0930

Zenova Group PLC

Zenova Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, holds intellectual property for a range of products and technologies in fire safety and temperature control. The product range can be used in industrial, residential, and commercial markets. The products of the Group include fire retardant and insulating paints, renders and paints for insulation, as well as fire extinguishing liquid and extinguishers. Zenova offers industry-leading solutions for a variety of fire protection problems and temperature management issues, including:

Zenova FP, fire protection paint

Water-based fire protection paint that can be used to match any colour. The paint expands when exposed to heat and flames. It creates a foamy crust that will not burn, and it insulates any surface. It prevents surfaces from catching on fire and helps to stop the spread of fire. Global fire experts have tested it and found that it complies with UK Building Regulations and the latest UK, European and global fire safety standards.

Zenova IP thermal insulation paint

Thermal insulation paint is a thin, ultra-thin coating that embeds the latest insulating technologies. The thermal insulation of commercial and residential building is increased. Solar heat can raise the temperature in a building from 75% to 90 %. Zenova IP was independently tested and verified to deflect and absorb up to 75%, thereby reducing inside temperatures by up to 45%. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Zenova Thermal Insulation render

Zenova is an insulation render which can be used to insulate walls both inside and outside of commercial and residential building. It can also be coloured to match any colour.

Zenova FX, fire extinguishers

It is a fire extinguisher unlike any other. The extinguisher is fully tested to European EN3 standards as well as British ones. Available in both 6 and 9-litre sizes.

Zenova FX500, aerosol fire extinguisher

Zenova FX500, a high performance handheld extinguisher, is independently tested and conforms to industry standards. Zenova FX500 is safe to use on all types of fires and reduces the risk that it will reignite. Zenova FX 500 has been designed to be quick, safe and easy to operate. It was tested according to BS6165 standards.

Zenova WB wildfire barrier

Wildfire barrier fluids (applied by spray wands, aerial drops) create a barrier that prevents fire from burning. Zenova WB has been tested repeatedly on various fuels that are extremely dry (grasses and hays) to demonstrate its incredible fire resistance.

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