Does HexClad cookware contain toxic chemicals? Green Matters: Read this before you buy

HexClad’s products contain PTFEs, which is “bad for humans, the planet and pets.”

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Continue reading to find out more about this brand’s cookware and the chemicals used to make it.

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HexClad is non-toxic.

HexClad used to make non-toxic claims as part of its marketing. According to HexClad’s website Gordon Ramsay endorses HexClad for their high-quality cookware, which he uses in his home and on his show Next Level Chef.

Other experts and legal opponents disagree with the claims made by the brand about its non-toxic cookware.

Sustainability expert Leigh Matthews writes in LeafScore that HexClad utilizes polytetrafluoroethylene (also known as PTFE) in its cookware. She writes that PTFE, no matter how it is flavored, is harmful to people, the environment, and pets.

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According to Mamavation, HexClad made non-toxic claims that included not using forever chemical despite using PTFE. According to Top Class Actions this led to a lawsuit being filed in the California federal courts. The lawsuit also included accusations of greenwashing.

HexClad’s FAQ page and about page no longer make any mention of the non-toxic nature of the product.

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Is HexClad a safe program?

HexClad’s products contain PTFE, so they are not safe for use in the home.

PTFE is notorious for its poor performance at high temperatures. It breaks down and releases toxic fumes which may cause illness.

A Redditor was concerned when he found a mysterious substance on multiple wipes of HexClad pans. Another shared that, “These pans literally received the lowest rating ever from America’s Test Kitchen.”

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HexClad contains PFAS, but not PFOS?

HexClad cookware uses PTFE, and it doesn’t matter how many badass celebrity chefs or badass social media influencers the HexClad product line has secured. It still uses chemicals forever in its products.

Experts at the International Chemical Secretariat, ChemSec, claim that the high-temperature burning of PTFE creates PFAS. ChemSec describes PTFE as a “fluorinated plastic” and a subgroup within PFAS. It is found in half of PFAS products.

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According to the source, “There are currently no regulations that require chemical manufacturers to disclose PTFE product production.” This raises concerns regarding the safety and stability chemical composition of HexClad products.

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Does HexClad contain Teflon or not?

HexClad does use Teflon. The trade name for the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTE) chemical that HexClad uses to create the non-stick coating in their cookware is more commonly known as Teflon, according to Illuminate Labs.

According to the source, Teflon poses serious toxicity issues. Consumers and researchers have legitimate concerns, which are backed up by significant scientific research.