Esah Tea introduces microplastic-free cotton tea bags – FoodTechBiz

Esah Tea’s innovative product is urgent when you consider the wide-ranging implications of microplastic consumption. When ingested or inhaled through the skin, these minuscule particle pose serious health risks. Microplastics have been shown to cause cell damage in scientific studies. Regular exposure to microplastics is also linked to immune system disturbance, neurotoxicity and reproductive problems.

Bijit Sarma said, “At Esah Tea we have always seen ourselves as more than purveyors and custodians for a rich centuries-old tea heritage. Our microplastic-free tea bags are not just a new product, but a shift in the way we produce and consume tea. While simultaneously addressing an important health and environmental concern, we’re elevating the experience of drinking tea. This launch is a testament to our belief that superior quality, responsible production and environmental stewardship must and can coexist harmoniously. Our R&D team’s tireless efforts, day and night, have resulted in our toxins-free tea bags. Esah Tea invites conscious consumers to drink responsibly and sustainably.

Esah Tea offers more than 20 varieties, including Honey Lemon Green Tea and Organic Assam Breakfast Tea. There are also a variety of flavors, such as Organic Blue Tea and Organic Lychee Black Tea. There is also a line for instant chai that includes enticing flavors like Cardamom Masala and Kadak Chai as well as the health-conscious Instant Mango Turmeric Latte. Esah Tea’s products, priced between INR 199 to INR 399 are available through major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and the official website. Esah Tea is also available in selected retail outlets across major cities. These include the following: In Delhi, BKD Rajmandir Shubham Store and Kisan Mandi. Modern Bazaar in Gurgaon, Sodhi’s Supermart and Ravi and Rohit Departmental Store are some of the stores.

Esah Tea’s growth has been remarkable since its founding in 2021. The brand was initially limited to just ten premium outlets, but now has over 600 nationwide. Esah Tea exports beyond Indian borders to over 10 countries including the USA and South Korea. The brand’s unique strategy of offering in-store free tea tastings to its growing customer base, which exceeds 100,000 people online and off, has received positive feedback and encouraged immediate purchase. Esah Tea’s ambitious expansion plans and sustainability goals include reaching 5,000 outlets in India by 2024. The brand also committed to convert over 20,000 acres to organic tea production in Assam and onboard more than 1,000 local small tea farmers by 2025.