In a survey, global opinions on the ban of single-use plastics are revealed.

Plastics are harmful to our environment, but they can also be dangerous to animals and people. New research shows that microplastics, which are made from plastic, can be found in the bloodstream of humans.

Ipsos surveyed more than 24,000 respondents from 32 countries to determine how many people support a ban on plastics for single-use. According to the survey results, 85% agreed that single-use plastic should be banned. The majority of respondents (97%) who agreed were from Indonesia. Mexico was second (94%). 93% of respondents in Uganda agree that plastic products should be banned.

France and the UK each had 86% of respondents who supported banning single-use plastics. Brazil 82% and Denmark 83% also agreed. In India, the percentage of people who agreed to ban single-use plastic products was less than in the USA (73%), Japan (60%), and India (76%). A median of 87% of respondents agreed that it was important that the law makers impose guidelines to reduce the production of plastic products.

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