Bacteria Water

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I was pleased to see the Islander News article about Florida beaches that made Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Best Beaches in US (“Two Florida Beaches make Dr. Beach’s list of top 10 best beaches in US”), which you covered recently. Unfortunately, past data shows that swimming at these beaches could make swimmers sick. In 2022 70% of Florida beaches that were tested showed potentially dangerous levels of fecal-indicator bacteria at least on one day.

Brian Mast, Florida State Rep., is on the committee with the authority to advance the BEACH Act. (HR 7203) This will allow communities to continue testing the beach, and we’ll know when bacteria are in the water. Beachgoers, surfers and swimmers should ask their representatives to support the BEACH Act. On Environment Florida’s site, you can get more information on the bacteria levels in your local beaches by reading the Report on Safe Swimming.

Carly Cohen from Environment Florida