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More “poopy” water cautions in Lac La Biche lake – Lakeland News

Another area of water in Lac La Biche Lake has been deemed a concern by Alberta Health Services.

Just before the weekend AHS officials sent out a notification that water along McGrane Beach near the Lac La Biche Mission site has tested for elevated levels of fecal bacteria.

The advisory is the third in recent weeks relating to the same type of bacteria. The other locations in the lake still under an advisory are Campers’ Beach at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park and the White Sands beach north of Plamondon.

AHS officials advise the public not to swim or wade in the affected areas until the advisories are lifted.

It is believed the fecal bacteria is related to bird populations in the region, and is not believed to be human caused or from sewage contamination. 

According to the advisories, at the current levels, gastrointestinal illness may result from ingestion of the water in the affected areas. As well, there is the possibility of skin, ear and eye infections with water contact.

AHS Environmental Public Health officers will continue to monitor the water at McGrane Beach and the other locations.

The advisories will remain in effect until further notice.

Lac La Biche Lake is the seventh largest lake in Alberta and has been a federally-designated bird sanctuary since 1920. The 234 square kilometre water body and its 170 kilometres of shoreline continues to be a globally-recognized Important Birding Area, home to more than 230 species of birds.