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Unfortunately, many people do not find the world to be a peaceful or secure place. There is so much cruelty, both to humans and to animals. Petitioning is a good way to make your voice heard. By signing a petition, you can help those who have been treated unfairly. You can share these with your friends and colleagues to make a bigger impact.

We can use petitions to reach out to those in positions of power and ask for justice. These are powerful tools that can help make positive changes to the world. Here are six petitions that you can sign to help both animals and people. They include Help Remove Microplastics From Our Water, Prohibit Wildlife killing Contests and Shut Down Dangerous Marine Mammal Facility.

We would like to thank you for your commitment to being the change that you want to see in the World and giving voice to those who have no voice.

1. Tell streaming services to renew queer-inclusive shows

Two pirates fall in love. Baseball players navigate misogyny, and forbidden romances. Learn more about yourself and the world.

Here are some plotlines from highly acclaimed and much-loved shows which have been cancelled on major streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and others. All of them share one thing: queer and racial inclusion.

Please Sign this petition and demand that these platforms renew diverse shows with queer-inclusive content!

2. Help remove microplastics from our water

You’ve likely heard of microplastics, tiny shards that are found in breast milk and oceans miles away from human settlements. It’s estimated that the average person ingests a credit card’s worth of microplastics every week in their food and water — and some scientists say that figure could be wildly underestimated.

Please Sign this Petition and urge the EPA now to act on promising research regarding the removal of microplastics in our water!

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3. Tell New Jersey Town Stop Plans to Kill Geese For Spending Time In A Park

Officials in New Jersey are planning to slaughter a flock a geese for simply spending time in the local park.

This plan would result in approximately 60 geese being rounded up and put into a chamber where they will be suffocated with carbon dioxide.

Please Sign this petition and demand that the Liberty Park Goose slaughter be stopped.

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4. Make Corporations Accountable when They Poison Wildlife with Pharmaceuticals

Our oceans are flooded with pharmaceutical products that poison wildlife and pollute ecosystems.

According to new research, medications such as anti-anxiety, antidepressants and antipsychotics can be found in our waterways. This has a huge impact on wildlife populations. It can even cause organ damage, a collapse in the population, or localized extinction.

Companies need to take responsibility for the pollution caused by their products.

Please Sign this Petition and Demand that We Hold Corporations Accountable for their Mess!

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5. Tell Congress to pass the Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act

There are over 500 million acres in the U.S. of public land. These lands are home to wildlife like wolves and coyotes. They also include foxes and mountain lions. This should be a beautiful place.

It’s legal to hold contests where the goal is to kill as many animal as possible for a prize. What happens after the competitions are over? Most people take lots of pictures, laugh a lot, and then dump the bodies on their way home.

Please Sign this petition and tell Congress to pass The Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act 2024 to stop this senseless slaughter.

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6. Tell the USDA to shut down dangerous marine mammal facility

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, located in Gulfport, Mississippi, has a history of putting its animals in harmful conditions, causing them to become sick, injured, or even die. The U.S. Department of Agriculture took years before issuing even tiny fines, or waving its metaphorical finger with official warnings.

A sea lion named Jester, who was born healthy, died in 2020 while being operated on at the facility. The problem that he had should never have been present. Jester was a healthy, happy little boy until he came to the Institute in 2015. He and three other sea-lions then developed eye lesions, which veterinarians attributed to the excessively high chlorine levels in their water. He died while under anesthesia for an operation to treat his ulcer. All of this should never have happened.

Two years later, Jag , a bottlenose Dolphin, drowned to Death in the Institute. The dolphin, who was trying to escape the facility staff, got caught under a panel netting on the bottom of the swimming pool. It was too late by the time the staff arrived. He was found dead, entangled in nets and lying on the floor of his enclosure.

Please Sign this Petition and Demand the U.S. Department of Agriculture Shut Down the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Finally!

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