Bacteria Water


MAPLETON (Ore.) – Community officials have warned some Mapleton residents that they should boil their water prior to use due to a loss of pressure.

Mapleton officials claim that the water distribution system on Chestnut Street above Orchard Avenue lost pressure on 4 July. The water could contain harmful bacteria that can make those who drink it sick. Mapleton officials stated that the affected area was small and the Mapleton Water District should have sent a copy of the notice to those affected.

Officials are urging those who have lost pressure to not drink water until it has been boiled for at least a minute. Residents should only use boiled water or bottled for drinking, cleaning, brushing their teeth, making baby formula, washing fruit and vegetables, and other food-contact surfaces.

Mapleton Water District has confirmed that the leak is isolated to Maple Avenue and they are currently working to fix the problem. Officials said that it would take several days to test the water and show there are no bacteria. Once the leak has been fixed, they will lift the boil-water notice.