NewsBytes: Review of La Pink’s acne pore perfection face serum

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Jul 07, 2024

09:03 pm

What’s the story

Face serums have become a crucial part of everyday skincare routines since they are thought to provide several advantages.

With that, choosing the right product that caters to our skin’s needs is a no-brainer.

I recently chanced upon La Pink’s acne and pore perfection face serum that claims to reduce acne and evens skin tone. Here’s my honest review.

What constitutes this sunscreen?

This face serum by La Pink features white haldi that reduces tanning and improves brightness, Kakadu plum extract that promotes collagen production, and green tea extract for hydration.

It also comprises avocado extract for nourishment, gotu kola extract for improving skin elasticity, pomegranate extract for enhancing skin’s overall texture, and witch hazel extract that has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Key features

Features that make it special

This face serum has a 100% microplastic-free formulation, which means there are no hidden layers of harmful microplastics that can potentially harm your skin.

It’s made to suit all skin types, so both men and women can use it.

Additionally, it balances the pH of the skin and offers it all the essential nutrients.

The product claims to offer visible results in 10-12 days.


Here’s how I used this face serum

First, I cleaned with face with water.

Then, I took a few drops of the serum and applied them on my clean face, after which I the pat the concoction onto the skin using my fingertips to let it abosrb.

Later, I applied a moisturizer followed by sunscreen for it to work better on my skin.


Here’s how I felt after applying it

It is quite fragrant, lightweight, and non-greasy on the skin, leaving a cooling sensation after use.

Post application, my skin felt more rejuvenated, soft, supple, and glowing than ever.

Speaking of the glow, it was unexpectedly instant as I could notice a tad bit lighter texture and even toning on my face.

Is La Pink’s tea and lemon shower gel worth buying?

This face serum by La Pink is worth adding to your daily skincare, especially because it offers an instant glow, radiance, and glass-like brightness.

The results are quite visible after regular use.

Priced at ₹599 per 30ml, you can enjoy multiple benefits like nourishment, hydration, skin repair, skin tightening, pore tightening, and collagen production – all at once! What else do you want?