NOAA announces $60 million for climate-ready workforce | Wastewater Digest

In this episode of Talking Under Water co-hosts Bob Crossen and Mandy Crispin, along with Water Group Editor Alex Cossin share the trends they witnessed at AWWA ACE24 in Anaheim, California. Then, the hosts are joined by fellow co-host Katie Johns to discuss recent industry news, including $60 million in funding from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association to build a climate-ready workforce; and $65 million from the Department of Labor for workforce development in the U.S. with some specifically targeting the water sector. Also, hosts share information about microplastics legislation, Portland Maine’s lawsuit against DuPont and 3M for PFAS in wastewater, and microplastics legislation.  

 Show Notes:  


  • Cold open | 0:00
  • Host introduction and episode summary | 0:40
  • The “as a service” business model trend in water | 1:35
  • AWWA | 6:23
  • OCWD tour’s value for editors | 7:55
  • NOAA’s $60M plan for a climate-ready workforce | 9:13
  • Department of Labor investment in workforce | 11:23
  • Microplastics monitoring begins in California | 13:32
  • Portland, Maine files lawsuit against PFAS manufacturers | 14:48
  • Housekeeping | 16:30


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