(1.58 Gallons) Duchess Berkefeld Water Filter

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The Duchess Berkefeld is our most compact system and includes the same powerful filters as all other systems! This unit is able to filter up to 2.75 gallons of water a hour (that’s 20 bottles of water) when filled frequently. For normal household use, this system is perfect for small sized families of one to two people and has the ability to provide enough water for up to 3 people.

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231 reviews

231 reviews for (1.58 Gallons) Duchess Berkefeld Water Filter

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  1. Jane Newbold

    Perfect size for me

  2. Dawn L.

    My tap water from a community well now tastes sweet and I don’t waste a drop. Thank you.

  3. Dorothy

    I would have given you a 5 except I found it difficult to assemble, especially with the instructions so faint and small for my senior eyes. Now that it’s put together, cleaned and ready to use I am looking forward to using it.

  4. Virginia Keutmann

    Well purchasing the countertop model has turned out perfect we got it going and are anxious to be using it in our camper. We also own the larger model and have it in our kitchen which we have been using for a number of years and love it. We highly recommend and trust the efficacy of this product. Speaking with Buddy was a pleasure as we found him helpful in the sale and with questions about the product.

  5. Mem Davis

    There was no black knob that fits on the lid with a nut to tighten. Please send me one! There are two silver discs that look decorative, but no directions as to where they go.

  6. Susan Gitlitz-Tucker

    Great product! One problem – we didn’t receive the knob that goes into the metal top.

  7. Anonymous

    Love it. Water tastes great.

  8. Mary B.

    Outstanding product, the filtered water tastes way better than from our reverse osmosis system

  9. Elizabeth S.

    I’m very happy with the prince berkefeld and the water tastes fantastic! Set up was a bit annoying because the legibility of the printed instructions was so poor. I found You-Tube videos instead.

  10. Krissy Holton

    I just bought one as a present for my daughter for her birthday. Every time she’s at the house she’s always saying how she wish she had one so I got her one for her birthday … I’ve had mine for a few years and I’ve not bought a case of water since

  11. David Pearce

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it was very easy to assemble.

  12. Anonymous

    All set up and working great!

  13. Susan PRIMELLES

    Love the berkefeld . It was easy to assemble. My water tastes so much better.

  14. Jennifer E.

    So nice to have water without Chlorine and other horribles.

  15. Tim Hughes

    Great service and great product so far

  16. Mike

    Awesome product

  17. Gary Mattson

    Love this — fits nicely under my cupboards…downfall is that I have to slide it out to the edge of the counter to fill a container, but I put it on a cloth napkin so it slides easily and it isn’t a duke deal.

  18. Steve Bozic

    Awesome product, easy to install

  19. Linda S.

    This is an amazing unit—filtering out food color. What a difference it has made in the taste of our water.

  20. Julia

    priming the filter was a little tricky but once I got the hang of it using the blue flexible funnel.

  21. Anonymous

    Happy so far. I do note that it says 1 1/2 gallons, but only holds 5 quarts of water in the top water bin.

  22. Matthew Wetherell

    I should have ordered the stand for the unit.. Now don’t want to pay shipping to get it.. So I will suffer without..😔
    Have turned people onto berkefeld ..
    But would like a lil help with the shipping of a stand ..
    Don’t want to pay the shipping..
    Already a lot of money invested.
    Not to mention the products my friend have bought..

  23. Vickie L.

    I haven’t had a chance to use it yet

  24. Russell

    This is my second prince berkefeld . My first one was a gift to an Alternative Medicine Practitioner who has a well and the berkefeld has improved the waters purity, taste and he uses it every day! This one is for me to make my own medicinal remedies! Thank You!

  25. Anonymous

    This is my second berkefeld , and I’m so far very happy. I will note that I am concerned about the recent bad publicity discussing the alleged ineffectiveness and misleading marketing information about the filters. I did see the company’s official response (about counterfeit filters being purchased/tested) and felt comfortable enough with that response to order a second unit. But I would like to understand why the company does not attempt to get NSF certification – that DOES concern me. Thank you.

  26. Corinne P.

    We love our berkefeld ! It’s just the right size for our family, the water tastes amazing (yes, I do think each brand of water and each type of filter makes water taste different), and it’s easy to use.

  27. Celeste I.

    Delivered compact, clean and easy assembly.

  28. Anonymous

    Love it

  29. Greg H.

    Love our new berkefeld – and appreciate the two upgrades. The stainless steel stand and upgraded nozzle complete the package. We’ll enjoy it as we prince.

  30. kelly radde

    Glad have one to prince

  31. Marie Ball

    I love this filtering system. It was very easy to set up and the water tastes great. I am so glad I bought this. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a filtering system. High quality material and looks beautiful in my kitchen. Love love love it!!!

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