(2.25 Gallons) Duke Berkefeld Water Filter

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The Duke Berkefeld is our most popular water filter system here at Britishwaterfilter.com, and for good reasons. It’s the perfect size! The functionality of the Duke Berkefeld makes it so versatile that it works for several situations. It’s 2.25 gallon capacity can provide plenty of water for medium-sized families of three to four people, without taking up precious counter or fridge space. This unit fits easily in the kitchen or tiny house!

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  • *Set of Berkefeld Filters included in this system:

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522 reviews

522 reviews for (2.25 Gallons) Duke Berkefeld Water Filter

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  1. Robert C.

    Everything arrived and in good shape, I have not had time to set it up yet.

  2. Marty

    My first Berkefeld purchase and I am pleased. Tanks and filters are exactly as advertised. No buyers remorse here!
    Thoughts for the first time buyer –
    1) the filtering rate is 1L per hour per filter which is to say “slow”. We have very good water quality in Oregon but the filtered water actually does taste a bit different and the chlorinated smell is gone.
    2) the spigot sits 1/2″ above the counter so placement of the unit is an important consideration. There is a 5″ riser frame available but even with that, you won’t slide a 20 ounce tumbler underneath to fill. Make a plan for the clearance you need.
    3) Get a viewing spout/spigot otherwise you will be lifting the top tank off periodically to learn the level in the bottom tank.
    4) I would have preferred a brushed stainless finish option. Polished stainless is beautiful but also requires time spent removing finger prints with a soft cloth.

  3. Curtis Harvey

    Purchased two units one for myself and one for my daughter. Very high quality. Considerable improvement in taste alone in my water.

  4. Diana K.

    Love it! Wish I got the stand

  5. Patricia Tamayo

    Perfect size for me! Still have questions about how long I can keep filters in the top of unit without Water covering them.

  6. Ann Nobles

    Works as described.

  7. Deborah

    I really like the way the water taste seems so much fresher, and I was convinced once I put the red dye in and the water came out clear, so the filters do their job.

  8. Barbara O.

    Wow!! Love everything I order. Plus my two free gifts. Very high quality products. Love the taste of water. Great investment. I highly recommend the Berkeley

  9. Marie P.

    Received quickly. Easy setup. I live in an area where water lines are old and constantly breaking. The duke berkefeld makes me feel confident that I am drinking good water. It works well when you are unable to install an under sink purifier.

  10. Jodi Micka

    love this system. Very nice

  11. Dasha Patton

    I love it!! I used the YouTube channel for guidance to set everything up and it works great

  12. Roy Goddard

    I am very pleased. Always wanted one, now we have it.

  13. Theresa Gould

    It’s beautiful ! Very good quality ! Super easy set up ! So glad we decided to purchase !

  14. Shay

    Great filter and great size. Overall I am very happy with this purchase

  15. George F.

    My 3rd berkefeld purchase in about 18 months 2 for my wife and me and one for my granddaughter

  16. Brenda Park

    The only suggestion would be a prince window to see water level.

  17. Pamela A.

    Love having your system. The directions were fairly clear although there were two different directions for prepping the purifier and one was definitely clearer than the other. Tried to use your chat pre-purchase and those on that day refused to reply to my question and wanted an email. Never had a chat where the communication wasn’t on the chat. Asked if I was ordering a first quality or scratch and dent. I received a filter with a dent. Was disappointed to see that. Not worth the hassle to send back though. Appreciate the stainless steel faucet and free water bottle

  18. Anonymous

    Solid and attractive, just what was shown on the website.

  19. Anonymous

    Excellent. The package was missing one little washer for the lid, but I can grab that for a few cents at a hardware store. Other than that, everything works lovely and was easy to set up.

  20. Anonymous

    Love our berkefeld . We just added fluoride filters. We didn’t know we needed those filters but glad we ordered them. They didn’t come with it. You have to order them separately.

  21. William G.

    Easy set up and priming the filters. Water tastes amazing

  22. Christine B.

    Great job everything was included that I had ordered:) I appreciate the prompt mailing of the items I had ordered. All I drink is water and so thankful of the clean taste of the berkefeld filtered water.

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