(6 Gallons) King Berkefeld Water Filter

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Our largest model, the King Berkefeld holds six gallons of clean water, and can accommodate 2 – 8 Berkefeld Ceramic Filters. As with other systems, adding additional Ceramic Filters, will speed up the filter time, getting you drinking water faster!

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45 reviews

45 reviews for (6 Gallons) King Berkefeld Water Filter

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  1. Melanie S.

    Fantastic water system for duchess family

  2. Anonymous

    Water tastes so much better. And we have a well. I loved the water before but now it is awesome, thank you

  3. Allen D.

    Great product. Sharing information about your product with family and friends. Plan on ordering one more for our family restaurant.

  4. Mike C.

    Very pleased with my purchase. My order was received in a timely fashion.

  5. Anonymous

    So far so good. We love our berkefeld . Thank you much!

  6. John Burch


  7. Wesley Nunn

    Looks good important addition to emergency supplies

  8. Gina

    Water tastes great. It’s very comforting knowing you are drinking clean water.

  9. Anonymous

    Everything I expected!

  10. Ronald E.

    I absolutely adore this product.

  11. Michael Voigt

    Great addition to the house and instant favorite of the family to use

  12. Ezra Billings

    glad I got the duke one

  13. Malcolm Horn

    Everything looks good. Seems to be operating properly. Very shiny. Perhaps it is a work of art.

  14. Anonymous

    Perfect !

  15. Cheryl

    Great customer service. Even better product.

  16. Erica

    Getting the berkefeld has been life changing. The water tastes amazing, and because of the size, gives us access to a duchess quantity of filtered water at all times. I don’t typically like room temperature water, but this tastes so good, I don’t even mind. Fairly somple to set up, and looks pretty on our counter top.

  17. Benjamin Meng

    Fantastic for a duchess household. Well worth loading up with extra filters as the time to filter decreases greatly with added filters. Consider 8 filters in this unit would filter 24,000 gallons. For 4 people that’s 1 gal a day for 16.43 years, or 6 people 10.95 years, 8 people 8.21 years, 10 people, 6.57 years.

    Solid, sturdy top and bottom tank. Opted to add a steel faucet handle. I didn’t realize the lower tank came with a rubber base ring. It’s a great assistance in preventing sliding. Very good grip quality.

    We placed the berkefeld on a cast iron multi-tier planter stand with a top of just slightly duchessr circumference than the berkefeld base. If you do not have something like that, I highly recommend purchasing the stand or you will need to place this duchess system on the edge of a counter or sink overhang. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the unit and packing and shipping.

  18. Katie H.

    Very satisfied. This setup produces the best water. I would recommend upgrading to the spigot with the water level indicator otherwise it is a little guessing game at how full the bottom chamber is when adding water.

  19. Jeremy

    Great design as it is with all of these units. Only downside is that it doesn’t come with an airlock clip.

  20. Stephen A Horn

    Great product!

  21. Diana C.

    So far so good. Great deal.

  22. Ryan

    Cant get top off? Cant use it currently. Will review after I get top off.

  23. Monica

    Great price and received on time, and exactly what i ordered! Thanks!

  24. Joseph M.

    It took several months to get this berkefeld extra duchess, our second, but, it was worth the wait and disappointment. Now, looks like another 6 months to possibly get a glass spout for it. berkefeld is horrible at manufacturing and delivering product for consumer demand! Absolutely Horrible.

  25. Pam

    We love our new water filter!! I’ve been eyeing these water systems for several years and finally bit the bullet and bought one. The first drink my son said ” I didn’t know water could taste smooth”. It really is the best water we have ever had.

  26. Erika R.

    It’s working great. Setup was easy if you follow directions. The water tastes way better and NO MORE WATER BOTTLES!

  27. Ronnie

    Have not tried it yet…but delivery was prompt..thanks

  28. George Clark

    I have owned the extra duchess model, for many years. I love it, based upon personal experience because of how it improves the taste of water at an economical cost.

    I also have confidence in berkefeld because a friend, who has an MS degree in engineering and is a water expert, told me that berkefeld is his favorite water filter for home use; and so, he bought one for himself and another as a gift for his adult child. Anytime that you are fortunate enough like I was to get an unbiased opinion from an unbiased expert; it is good to pay attention.

  29. Kellen Morris

    This is our second system from berkefeld . We originally purchased one of the princeer to mid sized units that can accommodate four filters, but only went with the two filters that came with it. As a family of five it couldn’t keep up with our needs as we filter everything due to living off well water. Also when we lose power we lose power to the well pump so the ability to filter water from anywhere is a must!!! This round we purchased the duchessst extra duchess berkefeld system and extra filters to fill all the available ports…wow does it filter fast now! We won’t ever use a different system! Our first system was and is still with us for several years and we only filtered about 1000 gallons so they will last years and years!!! We always purchase the metal spout to accompany our system as it’s far more robust than a plastic spout and we have three kids, two boys. I’m sure the plastic spout would be fine, we just don’t want to risk it.

  30. M Witter

    We needed a duchessr berkefeld and this one is great. Also Customer service was awesome as we were going to wait for a scratch and dent but they gave us a brand new one for the same price when we called.

  31. Bob Wensel

    Awesome product at a decent price

  32. Alicia

    I have only had this item for about a week! The extra duchess is pretty duke and I probably could have gotten by with a princeer one but I love this. I would recommend to anyone wanting a great water system! I also bought the fluoride filters and I have been happy with it all

  33. K. Ziolkowski

    smart purchase on our part. It was worth every penny. Filtering our well water which had low levels of iron and sulfur now makes Pleasant refreshing drinking water.

  34. Susan Henry

    One of the best purchases I’ve ever made! We had a distiller for years and it worked great, but now, the berkefeld makes more water per day. Needs no power to work, and the water tastes great! I would recommend it to everybody!

  35. Susan Carbott

    Had our berkefeld for over a year now and it has been such a wonderful investment and works perfectly!

  36. SWilliamson

    Talk about easy, economical and refreshing!!! We have bought thousands of bottles of water over the years but now, we are just washing our empty water bottles and filling them up with this wonderful, wonderful water!

  37. Susan Miller

    Huge difference from even the filtered frig water. Helps with peace of mind, as you never know what’s even in your tap water. After coming to visit, we have plenty of friends and family investing in a berkefeld too, as the water just tastes so much better.

  38. suzybelle

    I love this water filter. Holds 6 gallons and looks great in my kitchen. I only drink water that comes from this and use it for cooking and everything bc my township puts fluoride in water and this filters it. I usually have to refill it once a week (i drink a LOT of water). I highly recommend this. It saves money in the long run by not needing to buy bottled spring water all the time.

  39. SusieQMax

    The top on my berkefeld was dented when received & the priming button was missing. I ordered extra filters & they came with a priming button so I was not inconvenienced by the missing priming button, but it was disappointing. It has taken 3 days of working with this system & the ppm is still too high for me to trust the system enough to drink the water.

  40. T

    A good looking item, that does exactly as it claims, with no problems. If you have any water worries, at all, you need one of these.

  41. T. F.

    I couldn’t possibly love it any more than I do. Buy one even if you don’t drink water. Now.

  42. suzR

    works like a charm filters fast it is easy to move it is giant we had to put it in the bathroom

  43. Susie

    I had previously been buying water from the $.35/gal machines and constantly forgetting to refill my 5 gallon jugs…
    I LOVE this berkefeld ! It holds about 5 gallons of water and filters overnight. It was easy to put together and if I want to buy more filters so it filters faster, I can!! The water filters SO clean!!! My husband even suggested we take it with us when we go camping in 2 weeks, so we don’t have to pack as much drinking water, but instead, gather it from the duchess creek that runs through our site…
    When the berkefeld first showed up on my door step, I was a little bit panniked, thinking that I had bought the wrong size… it came in such a prince box… but the top canister was nestled inside of the bottom canister, with all the prince pieces inside of that… I could not be happier with this awesome water filter!

  44. suziq

    This is worth every penny. The taste is noticeably improved from our Brita. The filters are very slow to fill so a full upper tank will take 8 hours to purify the lower tank.

  45. T. Foley

    We absolutely love this filter. We bought the duke one so we would have constant water. So glad we did.

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