The “particles” that are everywhere, invisible and deadly

The “particles” that are everywhere, invisible and deadly

People die after a wedding in Sylt. Was it an accident or was this a terrorist act? Melissa is determined to find out what’s going on. She doesn’t know what nest of wasps her research is stirring up. Her enemy is all around her. Even within us, he is one of humanity’s greatest threats.

There are about a dozen German thriller writers who stand out. Sebastian Fitzek is the most successful representative of the genre, especially in the Psychothriller field. Sein next bestseller will be released in the autumn. Marc Raabe, who’s “Art Mayer”, (“The Dawn”, and “The Dusk”) series set standards in the Politthriller subgenre, should also be mentioned. Tibor Rode is a must-read when it comes to Science Thriller. His works “The Mona-Lisa Virus”, “The Forest”, and other chilling stories are a great example. This year, he will also release a new book. Wolf Harlander has been causing quite a stir with his book “Particles” until then.

All of the books written by this former journalist on economics are bestsellers. Readership is as large as the subjects they cover: In “42 degrees” he ran out of water in Germany. In “Melt point” the Greenland ice melts forever and in “System Error”, the internet crashes. Humanity is always on the edge of disaster. The plot of “Particles”, which revolves around microplastics, is the same as it was last time.

Plastics everywhere

Microplastics? Does it even exist? It’s everywhere, and most of the time we don’t even know it. In toothpaste or shower gel, it may even glow. It is also found in sausage packaging, washing powder, tap water, football jerseys, and in the air. It is absorbed by the human body through the skin and mouth. Each of us absorbs approximately five grams per week, or the equivalent of about a credit-card weight.

But wasn’t the EU against plastic bags? Doesn’t the EU have a recycling program? In Germany, 60 percent of the plastic waste is recycled. In the EU, only 30 percent. The rest of the plastic waste is either burned or ends up in illegal landfills. It may also end up in the ocean. Profits are booming and some mafia structures are happy.

The stuff of great thrillers. Harlander’s “Particles”, a daring thriller, is proof. It begins small but ends big. It’s the way it must be: A wedding in Sylt, without Lindner or scooter, with fish, and at the end, sick stomachs, ICU patients and dead people. Melissa, a volunteer for the news portal Daily Flashlight, takes on the topic. She sees an opportunity to impress her colleagues and boss. She succeeds at first. The site is flooded with clicks and the dwell time has reached record levels. Melissa soon realizes there is more to the story. Food poisoning? Food poisoning?

In the blood of wedding attendees, microplastics can be found. Some people are aware and can cope with it. Some people’s bodies rebel. Gluten or garlic is the same: one person can tolerate them, while another cannot. Melissa has also had her blood tested. The results are shocking: she has microplastics.

Harlander wouldn’t be Harlander without the multiple storylines that make up his story. Melissa’s quest to find out the history of “Horror Wedding on Sylt”, (Boulevard), turned into a criminal enterprise – as well as a race against the clock for Melissa’s niece Zoe, who is suffering from terminal liver cancer due to microplastics. Only an experimental treatment in the USA can save Zoe. Cost: two million dollars. Money will be raised by Crowd-Funding, articles, videos and appeals in “Daily Flashlight”.

Melissa, who is becoming more interested in the subject, contacts the company Cyaclean. A startup founded by a US millionaire in Duesseldorf is researching a solution for the plastic pollution problem that uses algae. Cyaclean has a global lead and its competition isn’t sleeping. Even bodies are covered, as was the case in an attack on the Rhine Factory.

Nelson Carius, a familiar BND investigator, and Diana Winkels, a BND analyst are now involved again. There seems to be a connection between a missing cargo vessel and a global environmental disaster. Both the Mafia and politics seem to be involved. It smells like hell.

Dauerpuls 180

Harlander’s “Partikel” is the wheel that Harlander spins. Not less. Fans of him are aware. The small horror that is happening next door can lead to a global catastrophe. When you dedicate yourself to work published by Rowohlt or Argon, it is important to know this. It’s an audiobook that is more than 18 hours long and full of action, tension, and emotional outbursts.

There are many twists and turns, as well as moments that will make you think. Melissa loves Zoe but she also has journalistic ambitions. Then there’s the whole issue of microplastics, and the optimism of a technology solution still in its infancy. One is torn between two opposing views as a listener. The pulse is always elevated. The storyline with its diverse main characters is captivating and engaging.

Uve Teschner can use his full ability to speak, i.e. his whole spectrum of voice, in order to balance the situation. Teschner is a multi-talented man. He has been a north German shipowner, he’s been a French environmentalist, and he’s even an American self-made billionaire. Ses versatility is demonstrated time and time again. Listening to him is a lot of fun.

Microplastics is not a fun topic. It’s bitter and deadly serious. Plastics will never degrade, as they are indestructible. Microplastics are especially dangerous for babies and children. This topic needs to be brought more into the public’s consciousness. Harlander’s “42 Degrees”, a film that shows this is possible, has done so in a very impressive way.

The novel “Particles”, by Wolf Harlander, has received a lot of attention in light of the grave issue of microplastics. The plot of the novel revolves around microplastics – a substance that is found in everyday products such as toothpaste, shower gel, food packaging, water and clothing. This alarming subject has sparked many reviews and discussions on climate protection and plastic waste. Readers who are concerned with the environment and health have responded to this topic.

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