Yahoo News Singapore: Elevated levels PFAS, ‘forever chemical’ found in food.

The PFAS chemicals are found in coffee, rice, and eggs. (Photo by Getty Images).

Food is a major exposure route to PFAS chemicals.

Recent research suggests that white rice, coffee and eggs, as well as seafood, are associated with higher levels toxic PFAS chemicals found in plasma and breastmilk.

The study, which included samples from over 3,000 women who were pregnant, suggested that white rice and coffee may be more contaminated.

There is also a strong association between the consumption of red meat and high levels of PFOS (a particularly harmful PFAS).

The authors of the study stress the presence of PFAS in the food supply and the many ways it can be ingested.

PFAS are a group of about 16,000 compounds that are used in various products because they resist water, stains, and heat. They do not break down naturally which leads to an accumulation in the human body.

The “forever chemicals”, as they are called, have been linked with serious health problems, such as cancer, birth defects and thyroid disease.

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